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DIY Christmas Tree Cone Candle Mold

$39.00 USD

10 pieces in stock

Craft the magic of the holidays with our DIY Christmas Tree Cone Candle Mold. Create unique seasonal candles effortlessly.

Product information:
Material: Silicone

Size Information:
A107-1:Candle size: 15.5*10cmMold size about: 16.5*1 1cmCandle weight: 282gMould weight: 542g
A107-2:Candle size: 11.5*8 cmMold size about: 12.5*9.5 cmCandle weight: 123gMould weight: 123g
A107-3:Candle size: 9*6cmMould size: 9.2*6.3 cmCandle weight: 50gMould weight: 116g

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