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Silicone Mold For Abstract Face Scented Candle

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Product information:

Product Name: Weight-reducing version of the face scented candle silicone mold
Material quality: silica gel
Specifications: Abstract face candle mold (weight reduction version) RX-71-1, female face candle mold (weight reduction version) RX-72-1, male face candle mold (weight reduction version) RX-73-1, faceless candle mold (reduction Reprint) RX-70-1
Uses: DIY aromatherapy candles, plaster, chocolate, etc.
Scope of application: safe to use in the refrigerator
Features: Durable, temperature-resistant food-grade silicone, difficult to demold the candle mold, easy demolding, and easy to clean without penetration.

Packing list:

Silicone mold*1

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