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Organic Style Aromatherapy Candle Silicone Molds

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Elevate your candle making game with our organic style silicone molds. Create luxurious aromatherapy candles that look as good as they smell. Shop now and start crafting your own all-natural, eco-friendly candles!

Product information:
Product Category: Candle Mold
Shape; irregular shape
Packing specification: independent packaging in transparent bag
Purpose: DIY scented candle

[1 style] leather stool mold,
[2 style] square honeycomb mold,
[3 style] nine beads mold,
[4 style] cod fish stick mold,
[5 style] love candied haw mold,
[6 Style] small silly bear mold,
[7 style] large silly bear mold,
[8 style] sitting bear mold,
[9 style] polar ice bear mold,
[10 style] astronaut mold,
[ 11 styles] female body mold,
[12 styles] cake dog mold,
[13 styles] ice cream bucket mold,
[14 styles] new magic ball mold,
[15 styles] new cube mold,
[16 styles] small Four section mold


Style: modern and simple
Product color: translucent white/grey blue
Product specifications: 1PCS

Packing list
Silicone mold*1

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