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Divine Pillars: Church Candle Molds for Perfectly Formed Candles

$16.50 USD

10 pieces in stock

Create beautiful and symmetrical candles for your church or home with Divine Pillars Church Candle Molds. Our molds are made of high-quality materials to ensure perfectly formed candles every time. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, you can customize your candle-making experience to fit your needs. Start creating stunning candles today with Divine Pillars.

Product information:
Shape: Alien
Color classification: pointed column 5*5*14cm (one-piece) pointed column 6*6*15.5cm (one-piece) pointed column 7*7*18.5cm (one-piece) pointed column 3.2cm*15cm (one-piece) pointed column 3.8cm*10cm (split type) pointed cylinder 4cm*7.5cm (split type) pointed cylinder 5cm*10cm (split type) pointed cylinder 5cm*12.5cm (split type) pointed cylinder 5cm*15cm (split type) )
Applicable festivals: general festivals
Shell material: plastic

Packing list:
Candle mold*1

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