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Light Your Creativity: Beginner's Candle Making Kit

$70.50 USD

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Discover the joys of candle making with the Light Your Creativity Beginner's Candle Making Kit. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to create beautiful candles, including wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and more. Perfect for beginners and craft enthusiasts alike, this kit is sure to ignite your creativity and help you make stunning candles in no time!

Product information:

Material: Stainless steel + beeswax
Craft: Manual
Type of candle: Scented candle
Shape: Cylindrical
Size: 21.5x13x17cm

Packing list:

1*350ml graduated stainless steel cup
120g beeswax *2 packs
2* wax core clips
1* spoon
4* silver 2.5oz iron cans
1* sticker
50 *12.5cm wax cores
2* bottles of essence {vanilla, lemon}
2* color blocks
10* small tea wax
1* bag of tea wax cotton core
1* manual

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