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Geometric Wave Pattern Candle Mold

$24.00 USD

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Craft captivating candles with our Geometric Wave Pattern Candle Mold. Elevate your decor with elegant and unique designs.

Product Information:

Product name: geometric wave pattern column candle mold
Material: food grade silicone
Uses: scented candles, handmade soap, DIY resin, gypsum, etc.
Features: Durable, temperature-resistant, novel in shape, long in life, soft and comfortable, easy to demould, and easy to clean without penetration.
Small: mold size: 6.4*6.6*9 cm, finished product size: 5.4*5.3*7.9 cm, mold weight: about 132g, finished product weight: about 80g
Large: mold size: 9*9*12.3 cm, finished product size: 8*7.4*10.7 cm, mold weight: about 332g, finished product weight: about 225g

Packing List:
1* Silicone Mold

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