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Geometric Pear Silicone Candle Mold

$20.50 USD

10 pieces in stock

Create unique and stunning pear-shaped candles with our Geometric Pear Silicone Candle Mold! Made with high-quality silicone, this mold is durable and easy to use. Its geometric design allows for easy release and stunning detail in each candle. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, crafters, or anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their home decor. Order now and start making beautiful pear-shaped candles in no time!

Product information :
Product Category : Candle Mold
Shape: Geometric
Material: Silicone
Uses: Aromatherapy candles Aromatherapy plaster diy handmade decorative ornaments
Specifications: pear-shaped silicone mold RS1-1020, bottle-shaped candle mold RS1-1689,

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