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DIY Candle Making Kit - Candle Craft Tools

$24.00 USD

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This Handmade Scented Candle Molding Kit is the perfect choice for those starting out in candle making business. It includes all the craft tools needed to make beautifully scented candles, making it easy to create your own DIY masterpieces. Perfect for experienced candle makers too, this kit is sure to become your go-to for all projects.

DIY Candle Making Kit , Candle Craft Tools with Candle Make Pouring Pot, Candle Wicks, Wicks Stickers, Wicks Holder, Candles tins and Stirring Spoon.

Material: Metal
Process: Semi-Manual And Semi-Mechanical
Custom Processing: Yes
Candle Type: Tools
Shape: Cylindrical
Packing: Carton
Size: 600ml Cup, 900ml Cup

A: 600ml cup

B: 900ml cup

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