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Efficient Wax Melter

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The Efficient Wax Melter is a powerful machine designed to melt and dissolve wax at a faster rate while using less energy. It features an insulated stainless steel chamber and an adjustable thermostat to ensure consistent temperatures. This energy-saving product enables users to effectively carry out wax-based projects in a fraction of the time.

Size: 25*21.5*17.5cm
Capacity: 500ML
Power: 100W
Material: Iron + Aluminum
Power supply method: AC
Power mode: mechanical
Cleaning type: no water washing
Hair removal area: whole body
Working method: Hotline
Color: white 220v European regulations, white 110V American regulations

1. Metal building and aluminum pan
2. Wax heater, can carry out multiple treatments or oversized waxing area
3. The red light is on when heating
4. Adjustable temperature setting, the range is 60-80 degrees Celsius (32-176 degrees Fahrenheit)
5. Non-slip rubber feet
6. Removable internal wax pot
7. 4.3" jar opening to accommodate most wax cans

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