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Spiral Cylindrical Acrylic Candle Mold

$21.00 USD

10 pieces in stock

Craft candles with dynamic design using our Spiral Cylindrical Acrylic Candle Mold. Ideal for adding elegance to your DIY creations. Explore the art of candle making with flair!

Product information:
Color Classification: [Thread] Cylindrical Candle Mold 5x7.5 [Thread] Cylindrical Candle Mold 5x10 [Thread] Cylindrical Candle Mold 5x15 [Thread] Cylindrical Candle Mold 7x10 [Thread] Cylindrical Candle Mold 7x15

Each mold will have a mold breaking interface, and the surface of individual molds will have some small scratches, small black impurities, small bubbles, etc.
This is caused by the injection molding process, it is not a quality problem that cannot be avoided, and does not affect the effect of the finished candle

Packing list:
Mold x1

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